29 settembre è una bella data per inaugurare la stagione sudanese. Grandi le possibilità di divertirsi a Mesharifa con le mante. Alta la probabilità di incontrarle per quanto vicini siamo ancora all’estate… Le più belle immersioni del North nell'itinerario "ONE WAY": Angarosh, Merlo, Abington, Rumi, Sanganeb, Umbria

martedì 1 luglio 2014

a "One way" cruise, boarding at Mohamed Qol and disembarking at Port Sudan.

October 6 last places !!!
The "One Way" Mohamed Qol-Port Sudan will be performed by Dolce Vita on:

Read with us, travel with us, virtually sail and dive, then you can talk to your friends about it. Choose your cruise and your itinerary, choose why to go to Sudan with Blu Sudan Dive and Dream and his team.

Two hours and half from P.Sudan, a  transfer by minibus, 130 km of paved and flat road from P.Sudan, to save time and miles and begin the cruise already in the mythical North.
The dives begin with the check dive at Merlo on Tuesday morning, then follow North East Merlo, Angarosh, Abington and down south are Qita el Banna, Sha'ab Rumi, Sanganeb and, finally, the wreck of Umbria.
Every week is different for weather and sea conditions, current, itinerary and company. Each week is a story within a story and has its own specialties.
"Our friend Alexander arrived in Sudan for the first time 20 years ago. Now is the sixth time he returns.  We asked him in the end of the cruise which dive was the most interesting and which reef the most engaging. This week there were no doubts or uncertainties. Just out of the water Alessandro exclaimed: "a practically perfect dive, Sha'ab Rumi never lets you down! Just put the head under water I find a school of jackfish sex fasciatus with inside beautiful ignobilis. On the bottom another type of carangide was preying, the melampigus, with the Napoleon. As they passed, a fourth kind not quite so frequently: the Gnathanodon Speciosus. When I reached the plateau, gray sharks and whitetip sharks, slow, quiet and close, perfect for filming and photos.
We look out the blue: the hammer passed by three times, approaching and moving away. We come back and we find a wall of barracudas swimming with the current, while on the wall, 23 meters deep a school of sweet lips, 200? Maybe more! And a school of Nasoelegans surgeons. We do not count the groupers of various shapes and sizes, beautiful corals hard and soft corals .... You can not wish to see more in a dive. Immersion of 45 minutes, 3 minutes decompression. I say it again: perfect dive. We get on the dinghy to return and bottlenose dolphins jumping ahead us, we get to the lagoon and find a herd of dolphins. So we just have to dive into the water again and swim with dolphins. 
  Looking back at the first time twenty years ago, Alexander said that is a consolation, considering how the world is gradually and whirling changing, as many places have deteriorated, many species are endangered. To find the Sudanese Red Sea in fantastic shape is comforting. "I'm glad: I had photographed years ago a porcupine fish, a remarkable specimen in Punta North Sanganeb, I found it again! Will he? His grandson? It was a joy!"


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