29 settembre è una bella data per inaugurare la stagione sudanese. Grandi le possibilità di divertirsi a Mesharifa con le mante. Alta la probabilità di incontrarle per quanto vicini siamo ancora all’estate… Le più belle immersioni del North nell'itinerario "ONE WAY": Angarosh, Merlo, Abington, Rumi, Sanganeb, Umbria

martedì 14 gennaio 2014

For those who want to come in Sudan and has some fear or doubt reading the news on South Sudan.

We realize that often the news are not very reassuring, but undoubtedly the riots and incidents began on 15 December which concern South Sudan, have nothing to do with the Sudan. They are now two distinct states.
The distances in Sudan, the largest country in Africa, are remarkable and two thousand kilometers separate P. Sudan from the border with South Sudan, the new state.

We grieve the situation, we participate to the drama of war that often, under the guise of tribal disagreements, conceal serious economic interests of governments and foreign powers for the management of oil reserves.'Africa_2013
But in our case, for what concerns P. Sudan and cruises, we can say that the Sudanese coast and the sea are like an oasis away from the world and time. Tourist activities are peaceful, welcome and hospitality are impeccable. Any hint of danger is absent both in the routes of the north and in the south of the archipelago of Suakin, in the Sudanese Red Sea. We are operating in Sudan over twenty-five years, and so it was in the past: we have always done cruises without any discomfort, despite the previous war for the independence of South Sudan, the skirmishes on the border with Eritrea, the war in Darfur, so we sailed peacefully then and now. Always happily greeted by a friendly population, eager to work and promote tourism. The only discomfort have been in the past, the irregularities and delays of the flights. But it is now passed since the Fly Dubai is operating every Monday and, hopefully, the new flight Cairo-P. Sudan with Sudan Airways, operating from December 2013, always on Monday.

Southern Sudan is the youngest state in the world.
The process that led to independence was long and complicated, and it was concluded, after a referendum, in January 2011.
During this referendum, 99.57 % of the population voted in favor of secession and on 9 July 2011 has been declared independence.
In July 2012, South Sudan has signed the Geneva Conventions.

Mariacristina Pulliero

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