29 settembre è una bella data per inaugurare la stagione sudanese. Grandi le possibilità di divertirsi a Mesharifa con le mante. Alta la probabilità di incontrarle per quanto vicini siamo ancora all’estate… Le più belle immersioni del North nell'itinerario "ONE WAY": Angarosh, Merlo, Abington, Rumi, Sanganeb, Umbria

lunedì 2 dicembre 2013

NEW CRUISE, NEW ITINERARY: P.Sudan - Hurghada !!!


Dolce Vita and Blue Sudan Team suggest a very interesting cruise: Port Sudan-Hurghada in 2 weeks on June 2, 2014.
The opportunity arises from the fact that on June 9 Dolce Vita ends the Sudanese season and in any case "migrates" toward the North.
Why not to have the fantastic opportunity to sail and dive in the" Middle Sea "? 

With this name we mean that part of the sea between Sudan and Egypt that no one attends because it is too far from Port Sudan and unattainable from Egypt.
A unique opportunity that can be exploited only with a transfer cruise.
The first dive will be on Umbria wreck, then we will dive at Sanganeb, Sha’ab Rumi, Merlo, Abington, Angarosh. The most famous and classic dives in the Sudanese Red Sea.
Reached the northern part begins the "exclusive" part of the cruise, the one so unfrequented " Middle Sea " Up to Angarosh we will find  gota” Abushagara.

 This 3 Gota don’t offer any shelter and they nearly get to three metres under the surface of the sea. We can stop with good weather of course. Usually, in our cruise last year, we found “a thousand and more than a thousand” barracudas in vortex that kept us bound a long time in the blue eye. “As the wall of Sipadan” was the comment of our guests last time. A novelty is the multitude of squirrelfish, (Sabre Squirrelfish) which are swimming together, when they usually are alone. Spectacular red groupers are not missing (Coral Grouper), clouds of butterfly fish (Red Sea Bannerfish) and several emperor fish and angelfish, all together as well. The shallows are great towers, mainly 3, elevating about 30 metres on sea bottom, with around a few minor pinnacles, just in the middle of the sea outside cape Abushagara, those green and insidious spots quite hard to pinpoint if not with a GPS. Obviously for this characteristic an incredible multitude of fish approaches or lives permanently.
 Then in the way we will find Gota Ilaria, and Gota Lali, two small reefs just marked with a cross on the map, we can take the liberty to dub them with names we like.

Follow  Qumeira, with its  immense lagoon. Nice place for second and third dive and night dive in our way.
Gota Abubish Bish, it will be a pearl of this cruise. Because the clean water and the hammerhead shark make the dive special. The cracks of the barriers on the South side are very fascinating, some deep ones, some smaller ones, lit up by the rays of the sunshine as blades of light and alive with any type of fish, among clouds of juvenile glassfish, so small to look like sparkling dust. “You will feel like suspended in an aquarium”, like a guests, Gioia, remarked to us last year.
It will follow Pfaiffer where only 25 miles will separate us from Elba and therefore.
Pfaiffer is an explosion of life, corals, alcyonaria and fish, adding the best of Sudan to the most fascinating beauties of Egypt, among which, it’s well known, there are the gardens of corals. Ten miles far from the coast, it comes up from over 200 metres sea bottoms in blue water. The pelagic fish comes alongside, currents and clean water nourish a luxuriant and spectacular life. Normally here we can find a beautiful school of hammerhead sharks.
The feeling is to visit the garden of “Alice in Wonderland”, among huge round sponges, candid waterfalls of black coral as bushes and small trees and alcyonaria of any size and colour.
In this area it is easy to find Grampi, during sailing, swimming ahead of the bow for a few instants, going down and suddenly disappearing with a flip turn and a very rapid plumb-line descent in the depths. They are certainly beautiful, strong and elegant at the same time, grey and white, covered, as it’s one of their distinguishing features,

with many scratches, who knows… a sign of battles or loves. The rounded snout, the big lipped mouth, the fast and so powerful swimming to look almost static while they slip in the shadow of our boat. They seem elegant and mighty knights, mysterious, rare and precious.
Another characteristic of this cruise is solitude, we will not meet anyone. We will be sovereign of this sea, of this part of the Red Sea so little popular.
We are in the “middle” sea, between P. Sudan and the crowded Egypt. The coast, dazzled by the sun, seems to be pale during the day, while it gets enhanced during sunsets, when the sky paints itself scarlet and orange and violet and the sun, as a red hot-air balloon, slips on the mountains outlines, shortly shining and in a flash it disappears.
After Elba begins  the Egyptian Red Sea. We'll dive in the reefs known by the name of St. John.
Then follows the famous Samadai or Delfhin reef and Elphinstone reef, to close our original cruise in the reef of Safaga, and to arrive to the day of departure and disembarking in Hurghada.
We speak about the famous and beautiful gardens of Egypt definitely known, highly cited and described in detail on Internet.

We must say, after this long period of political difficulty for the country, the effect was almost a "freeze Organic" the marine world so previously attended, definitely rested and again will offer its renovated wonders...

To reduce the cost of the ticket would be interesting to take into consideration to come to Sudan via Cairo, then come back to Europe in the same way from Cairo.

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