29 settembre è una bella data per inaugurare la stagione sudanese. Grandi le possibilità di divertirsi a Mesharifa con le mante. Alta la probabilità di incontrarle per quanto vicini siamo ancora all’estate… Le più belle immersioni del North nell'itinerario "ONE WAY": Angarosh, Merlo, Abington, Rumi, Sanganeb, Umbria

domenica 11 maggio 2014

On April and May Blu Sudan Team suggest the itinerary "Classic and South"


Why an itinerary "North and South"? 

 For friends who return to Sudan for the second, even a third time, more than ever it is necessary to offer something new and something special, something different from Sanganeb... Shambaia... Angarosh... that are always fantastic reefs, of course, but already visited.

Here is, therefore, the itinerary "North and South", itinerary dedicated to the pinnacles, towers and barriers of the archipelago of Suakin: Jumna, Sha'ab Ambar, Seilada, Pinnacle, Indighidir, Kiry... The team of Blu Sudan will sail to the South in April and May 2014, when, with good season, the sea is more calm and the wind lighter. It is necessary for the success of the cruise that the weather is good, because the shelters are few, but mostly because there are some dives on barriers that do not reach the surface, and they do not offer any shelter to the boat and to the dinghy that look after the divers. 
The itinerary is very interesting, it is not difficult to imagine that a tower in the open sea, with a depth of around more than a hundred meters, is an attraction for a great multitude of fish. Thus, in the open sea, as if by magic, pelagic fish and sharks among clouds of reef fish are so close. The coral is beautiful, of all types, frequent are the encounters with herds of hammer, especially in Juma, which is why is the most interesting reefs of the northern archipelago of Suakin.
Why "North and South"? Because many guests feel for Sha'ab Rumi an attraction and an irresistible nostalgia as if it were a magnet. So then, prolonging a little to the north, it is possible to find the perfect end for a successful cruise... 
The plateau of Sha'ab Rumi is considered one of the best dive site in the world, and great is the desire to dive once again. On request is it possible to change the itinerary South transforming it into "North and South". The whole group must obviously agree and the request must be compatible with the weather situation.

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